Basket of Little Devils
Cleaning the Oceans
Remote Control
Wings On Fire. Self Portrait
Night Sailing
Night Flight  Self Portrait
Netting Angel Babies
small basket of Little Devils
The Big Picture
window washer
Ange, Weber Grill at night
Angel Putting on Lipstick   (Vain Angel series)
Angel with Curling Iron   (Vain Angels series)
angel with Lipstick   (Vain Angel Series)
Pedicure     (vain angel series)
Sweeping the Flats
Angel with Weber Grill  (Weber Grill Series)
Looking up with Weber Grill
Angel in Power lines with Weber Grill
Angel in back yard   (Weber Grill Series)
Adrift in the Ice Age
Angel in Check out line
Guardian Angel
Homeless #2
Angel Warming Hands
Lion Lick
Boys Fighting
The Big Battle
Selling Her Wings
Life size Guardian Angel
The Getting of Grapes
The Proposition
Angel on Display case with Goldfinches
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