Connect Four with Tornadoes
Milagro de Los Pesces
Mermaid with Plastic
Mermaid with High Tension Lines
Oil Spill
Brave in the face of the Catastrophe
Festooned with Seaweed
Deer & McDonalds
Thorn Out of Foot
Getting Dressed Series # 1
Getting Dressed Series #2
Getting Dresses Series # 3
Getting Dressed Series # 4
Getting Dressed Series # 5
Big Head Drawing Ellery
Over the Falls
Mother in Tidal Pool
Thorn out of Foot on Old Book Cover
Roasting Marshmallows
Girl with Bait Bag  Hat
Passed Out Angel
Sophie with Horse
Rose and Lucy
Small Electrolux
The Twelve Worst Countries for Women
It Takes Two
the Weight of the Angel
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