Hanging with the Colonials
Getting Dressed with the Colonials
The Rapture with Mc Donalds and Flying Saucers
The Rapture
Eternal Shopping
Levitating with Shopping Cart
Runaway Cart
Eve in Stop n' Shop
Angel in Dumpster
Eternal Scrubbing
Just Passing Through
Vacuuming with the Colonials
Angel, Deer & Chain Link Fence
Angel with Weber Grill and Colonials
Eternal Mopping
Nude in Vernal Pond
Every Thing Happens At Once
Stomping the Devil
Strip Mall
Blue Winged Angels Unawares
Blue Winged Angels Hanging with Colonials
Crossing Guard Unawares
Plastic lid and straw
Angel, Weber Grill & Colonials
Plastic Bags
Thorn in toe
Angel in Vernal Pond with Power Towers
Solo Cup
Little Devils in Tri-cycle
Help on the Way
Putting the Little devils back.
Sucking up those Little Devils
Catching Gold Fish
Red Dress and Satellite Dishes
Chinet plate Dumpster
Chinet Plate, Devils on Colonial Backs
Fishnet Stockings on Colonial
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